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06 October, 2023
| The Royal Portfolio

Kids on Safari

Written by: The Royal Portfolio
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Why Your Kids Will Love a Safari Holiday – and You Will, Too

A family safari in South Africa makes for an exceptional holiday for both young and old thanks to the sense of freedom, incredible wildlife viewing opportunities, and the welcome chance to unplug from digital distractions and reconnect with each other. The shared experiences and quality time are bound to bring families closer together.

Less screentime and more family time means sharing stories around the campfire, meals under the stars, and creating lifelong memories as a family…

In this blog we’ll answer some of the most frequent questions we receive about family safaris, and help you plan for an experience you and your kids will never forget.

How safe is a safari for kids?

At Royal Malewane, your family will be in very safe hands indeed. We have South Africa’s most qualified team of Guides and Trackers, all of whom are experts in wildlife behaviour. They have years of experience in leading safari activities, and your safety will always be their top priority. 

We have been welcoming families with children to our lodges and villas for decades, and as a family-run business we know how important it is to ensure that everyone is comfortable and relaxed. Our accommodation and vehicles are designed to give you an authentic bushveld experience, while providing all your creature comforts and keeping you entirely safe. 

 We can provide experienced babysitters (at an additional cost) for times that you need some adult alone time, and all our team members come from cultures that love and value children. That’s something you’ll see in the way they interact with your kids, and the ease with which they put your mind at rest.

Where will our kids stay?

The Biden family have spent many happy holidays in the Royal Malewane area, and they know just how important it is to provide family-friendly accommodations. Families can stay in our exclusive-use villas (Waterside, Farmstead or Africa House), or The Royal Suites at Malewane Lodge. Each option offers its own unique charm and amenities and a genuine home-from-home ambience. 

Separate bathrooms and bedrooms allow for independence and privacy, while kids will be reassured knowing that their parents are just as close by as they would be at home. We also provide bassinets, baby baths and highchairs to make bedtimes, bath time and meals easier for everybody. If required, we can create a changing station and order in your preferred brand of nappies in advance. 

What about special activities for kids? 

A family safari is a great opportunity for experiential learning. Children are encouraged to ask questions about the wildlife and people they meet, and our team love being challenged by the imagination and curiosity of our younger guests.

By spending time in Nature, children gain firsthand knowledge that transcends traditional classroom education or spending time online.

Our Royal Rangers Programme is designed to inspire young minds. Led by expert Guides, this engaging initiative offers hands-on experiences like learning how to identify animal tracks and other bushcraft skills. Through interactive activities and educational games, kids gain exciting insights into the wonders of the wilderness. All our Guides and Trackers are highly skilled at engaging with kids – it’s not just part of their job description, but something that they actively enjoy. 

What will my kids eat?

When you stay in one of our exclusive-use bush villas, you’ll have a dedicated team taking care of you – including a private chef. That means that meals can happen whenever you’d like them to (for example, later breakfasts and earlier dinners for younger kids). The chef will discuss the menu with you, and it can be completely customised to take account of your kids’ preferences and any specific dietary requirements. Separate sittings for adults and children can easily be accommodated – it’s entirely up to you. 

Are days on safari too long for kids?

We can adjust the schedule for each day so that you start your morning game drives later, and finish afternoon activities earlier, whilst still allowing plenty of time for a midday siesta. Our Guides know just how to pace each activity to keep kids interested without tiring them.

Our villa teams instinctively know when an impromptu game of bush soccer is needed to burn off any extra energy!

Is safari suitable for kids of all ages?

Absolutely! In our experience, children of all ages absolutely love being on safari. However, to ensure their safety, as well as the comfort and enjoyment of all our guests, we do have a few age restrictions in place. For shared game drives, children must be over 10; however, if you book a private safari vehicle, children of all ages can enjoy coming on game drives with you. For guided walking safaris, the minimum age is 16. 

Don’t be surprised if your children become so fascinated by what’s going around them that they even forget to ask for the Wi-Fi password

Any practical tips you can share?

Check out our packing list for kids below:

  • Phone or camera to capture their safari memories 
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Journal and pens
  • A book to read at bedtime and during quiet times
  • Sunscreen
  • A familiar toy or comforter
  • Flip-flops to wear in the lodge
  • Walking shoes for the bushveld

When is the best time of year for a family safari?

Royal Malewane is a wonderful year-round destination, but the southern hemisphere winter offers cooler temperatures, almost zero rainfall and optimum wildlife viewing due to less vegetation – all of which adds up to the very best time to be on safari.

A safari at Royal Malewane is an amazing educational experience – the bushveld is the ultimate classroom, as well as being lots of fun

Whenever you visit, you can count on a truly unforgettable experience that goes beyond the ordinary family vacation.

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