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Our purpose is to give our guests a complete experience and a perfect stay.

Our Purpose & Values Statement

This three-part set of ideals ensures that The Royal Portfolio team works towards one common goal. A goal that places our guests at the heart of everything we do.


To be welcoming, genuine and warm.

To provide value and superior, personalised service.

To create an environment of relaxation and enjoyment.


To have a culture of mutual respect, trust and integrity.

To recognise, reward and uplift.

To have passionate and expert staff.


To be financially sustainable.

To uplift local communities.

To promote conservation and protect the environment.

Our People

The Royal Portfolio remains a family-owned and run business. The Biden family has created a loyal and passionate culture where our guests’ comfort and experience are paramount. Our people are fundamental to achieving this and that’s why we place so much emphasis on finding the right people who embody our Purpose & Values.

Since The Royal Portfolio started in 1999 we have carefully built a team of extraordinary individuals capable of delivering the highest levels of customer service, not only because they have received the best training, but because they possess a certain sixth sense – an intuition that differentiates our staff.