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03 May, 2023

Royal Malewane – where the perfect safari meets the perfect stay

Royal Malewane

If you’re looking for wildlife experiences, there’s no finer place to begin your day than Royal Malewane. The wilderness is right on your doorstep, and Africa’s most qualified team of Guides and Trackers is ready to lead you on your journey of discovery.
The safari day closely follows the rhythms of Nature, and tracks the path of the sun from dawn to dusk. Yes, that means an early start – but getting up before sunrise is so much easier when it’s for a Royal Malewane game drive. The ‘golden hours’ at the beginning and end of each day are often the best times for viewing – and photographing – wildlife, and we can promise you that the early starts are well worth it!

Of course, there’s no such thing as a typical day here at Royal Malewane – every day is a new adventure. However, to give you more of an idea, here’s how your day might well unfold:

5:00 AM – Rise and shine!
Once you’ve had a chance to freshen up and find your sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and camera, join your Guide and Tracker in the dining area. We’ll make the early start easier for you by having fresh tea and coffee waiting for you, so enjoy a cup before you head out. If it’s winter, you’ll be glad of some extra layers in the morning.

5:30 AM – The adventure begins…
Your Guide and Tracker will have everything ready so you can climb aboard the 4×4 vehicle and head out to explore the bush. Enjoy the fresh morning air – as soon as the sun is up, the chill will soon melt away. Animals tend to be more active when it’s cooler (and rest in the shade during the heat of the day) so this is the ideal time to spot them. Depending on what you see, your morning game drive will last for about three hours, with a break for a hot drink and some homemade treats at a scenic spot.

8:30 AM – Breakfast
Always the most important meal of the day! You’ll find that you work up quite an appetite on safari, so the sight of the hot breakfast back at the lodge will be especially welcome! On special occasions, you may be surprised by a beautiful breakfast dining setup in the wilderness.

10:00 AM – Relax in the lodge
Mid-morning offers you plenty of time for a dip in the pool, a spa treatment, or to simply relax and soak up the sights and sounds of the bush. If it’s been a while since you last found time to take a nap, this is your moment. Let the birdsong, the breeze and the comfort of your suite beguile you to sleep.

1:00 PM – Lunch with a view
You could be forgiven for getting distracted from your lunch – even though it’s delicious. The views of the waterhole, and the constant parade of wildlife coming down to drink, make for the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Whichever spot you choose, the combination of shade and close quarters wildlife viewing makes for a memorable meal.

3:30 PM – Time for tea…
High tea is one of our favourite bush traditions, and serves as the curtain raiser for the second safari of the day. Whether you’re in the mood for tea or a G&T, you can accompany your drink with a sweet or savoury snacks that always hit the spot.

4:00 PM – Let the show begin!
As the temperatures begin to cool, animals stir themselves and become more active… Nocturnal creatures (including the predators) emerge into the softer light, and dramatic scenes can be witnessed as they pursue their prey. Be sure you’ve packed something warm for when the sun goes down and the temperatures dip, and let the bush work its magic.

7:00 PM – Toast the setting sun
Sunset is a very special time in the bush, so we always make sure to pause and enjoy a refreshing beverage as you watch the sun dip below the horizon before getting back into the vehicle for the return to the lodge, with your Guide and Tracker using a spotlight to look for nocturnal creatures.

8:00 PM – Bon appétit!
After your game drive, you’ll return to the lodge and have the opportunity to take a hot shower and freshen up before sitting down to a superb meal, either back at the lodge or perhaps in a starlit bush setting.
Linger around the campfire and share your favourite safari tales as you make new friends or enjoy precious moments of quality family time. Make a wish on a shooting star, then head for bed – there’s nothing quite like being safe and warm while you listen to the distant roar of a lion!

From sunrise to sunset and beyond, a day on safari at Royal Malewane is a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and luxury. Each day becomes an unforgettable and authentic African experience full of moments you’ll treasure forever.

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