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08 August, 2023

Learning is fun at Royal Malewane

Royal Malewane

Discovering Nature

“When you have fun, you’re more interested in learning”. Those are the words of chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, but they’re also a great description of the approach we take with our famous Royal Rangers programme. Our bush skills and knowledge experience for younger Royal Malewane guests is so much fun, in fact, that it doesn’t even feel like learning.

Royal Malewane is the perfect outdoor classroom. Given that Liz and Phil Biden’s kids spent many happy holidays here, exploring the bushveld around the original family holiday home, Royal Malewane has always echoed to the delighted and surprised laughter of children as they discover each new wonder.

A new world every day

The bush is ever-changing – no two days here are the same. The seasons and weather change, new flowers open, and baby animals are born. Migrating birds come and go, and new animals move into the area.
With so much happening – on every scale, from elephants to ants, there’s enough action and intrigue to satisfy even the most curious youngster.

Our Royal Rangers programme is fun, but there is also a serious side to it. Today’s children are inheriting a world facing multiple challenges, including climate change and the loss of biodiversity. By inspiring them to love Nature, we can create a generation of conservation leaders who will care deeply about our planet, and be motivated and able to make a difference.


Quality time

While your kids are completely absorbed in learning about the bushveld, you can enjoy some precious together time – and look forward to hearing all about their adventures when you meet up again for lunch or dinner.

You’ll get to take a well-earned break from parenting, and your children will be eager to share their newfound knowledge with you. We can guarantee that their experiences will be more enjoyable than actually going to school, and that they’ll soon forget they even own tablets or smartphones.

We love kids!

Children are treasured in African culture, and that same spirit can definitely be found at Royal Malewane. We have the most highly qualified guiding team in South Africa, and in addition to their formal qualifications, every one of them is a people person. In particular, they enjoy spending time with kids, because the youngsters’ energy and enthusiasm takes them back to when they were also first learning about the bush.

They especially enjoy the fact that kids see the world differently, and often make surprising connections. They also ask surprisingly complicated or tricky questions, and certainly can’t be fobbed off with simplistic answers!

Kitted out for adventure

At Royal Malewane, we tailor the experiences of our younger guests to match their needs. Younger children receive a bush backpack with all their safari essentials (sunscreen, lip balm and a water bottle), plus activity booklets and an illustrated animal checklist to tick off the creatures they’ve seen. We even have a Royal Cubs Spa menu with fun treatments, and our supervised cooking lessons are always a hit. Older kids get to take part in our Junior Rangers course where they’ll gain bushcraft skills and knowledge, and learn how to identify and understand tracks and signs.

Taking part in all these experiences is of course entirely voluntary, but it’s a great way to make new friends (including from overseas) and can add a whole new dimension to your family safari – another way to enjoy the complete experience.

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