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At The Royal Portfolio we believe passionately in investing in Africa. In keeping with our Purpose and Values, we strive to uplift local communities, promote conservation and protect the environment.



The Royal Portfolio Foundation was established by the Biden Family in order to facilitate investment in numerous community and conservation efforts. Sustainable tourism is about ensuring a long term future for African tourism based on partnership and community benefit. Revenue from tourism should be used to ensure sustainability of the industry, to create jobs and to conserve Africa’s precious wildlife and spectacular landscapes for generations to come.

Each of The Royal Portfolio’s properties supports a number of projects relevant to their unique location and particular situation.

Royal Malewane Projects

Sigagule Crèche

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Royal Malewane is passionate about creating an environment with growth and upliftment. Our Community Development Project is focused on children and education. A visit to the local community is inspiring, humbling and educational.

Rhino Conservation

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Without majestic animals such as the rhino, Royal Malewane would not be able to offer the experience it does today. It is essential that we do our part in promoting conservation and protecting the environment.

Counter Poaching

Doing our part to curb the detrimental effects of poaching efforts in The Greater Kruger National Park.

Langetulani Crèche

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Providing meals and support for a small but impactful community crèche

Slekhiso Primary School

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Educating the local children on the importance of our environment and conservation.

Birkenhead House Projects

Masibulele Crèche

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Uplifitng local communities through support of one of the beautiful local crèches

La Residence Projects

The Avela Foundation

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Helping children with burn injuries on their road to physical and psychological recovery

Community Care

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Support of various child care and development establishments in the community.

The Silo Projects

Leliebloem House

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Through various development, therapeutic, and management programs, Leliebloem aims to restore family bonds

General Projects

Pack for a Purpose

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Using available space in your luggage to provide supplies to the communities you visit.

Friend of Child Protection

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Assisting children that are victims of abuse in the Western Cape.