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08 February, 2024
| Royal Malewane

Why Royal Malewane should be your next safari

Written by: The Royal Portfolio
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The perfect safari stay starts here

We might be a little biased, but we believe that a safari is one of the best travel experiences you can have. Here’s why you should choose Royal Malewane for your next safari.

Iconic location

The three luxury lodges that make up Royal Malewane are all situated in the exclusive Thornybush private nature reserve within South Africa’s Greater Kruger wilderness area. Thornybush is large enough (at 15 000 hectares) to support thriving populations of both iconic and lesser-known species of African animals and birds. Better yet, the reserve has an unfenced 22km shared boundary with the famed Kruger National Park. This means that animals can pass freely between the national park and the reserve, which makes the wildlife viewing at Royal Malewane even better.

Easily reached by air from either Johannesburg or Cape Town, Royal Malewane is accessible, yet still feels genuinely remote. It is also a very low-risk area for malaria.

It was wildest, untouched Africa, and it was magic.

Jane Goodall

Drive through the wilderness

Incredible wildlife

Wildlife viewing – whether by vehicle or on foot – is the main focus of any safari holiday. Royal Malewane has remarkable concentrations of both iconic and less well-known species, including those popularly known as the ‘Big Five’ (rhino, lion, elephant, leopard and buffalo).

The variety of habitats at Royal Malewane includes open grasslands, scrub, rivers, waterholes and wooded areas. This means the reserve provides ideal conditions for many types of birds and animals, not just seasonally, but year-round. Royal Malewane is particularly renowned for sightings of leopards and wild dogs – species that are only rarely seen in many other safari destinations.

Privacy and exclusivity

Thanks to our guidelines for how many guests can be present at each sighting, you will never feel crowded. In fact, you could easily go an entire day without seeing another safari vehicle.

In Africa you have space… there is a profound sense of space here, space and sky.

Thabo Mbeki

Luxury accommodation

This sense of exclusivity continues at each of our lodges – choose from the old-world elegance of Malewane Lodge, the contemporary style of Farmstead, or the eclectic and imaginative Waterside. Within each lodge, you can opt for luxury suites or – for the ultimate in seclusion – one of our safari villas: Waterside House, Farmhouse or the reimagined Africa House, each of which offers a private safari vehicle and Guide, as well as a dedicated service team.

Malewane Lodge

Left: Malewane Lodge, right: Waterside

Itinerary potential

Royal Malewane is just one of a collection of exceptional destinations within The Royal Portfolio. Our properties can be easily combined into bespoke itineraries that let you seamlessly experience the very best of South Africa including vibrant Cape Town (The Silo Hotel), the Cape Winelands (La Residence) and the Hermanus coastline (Birkenhead House). In other words, not just one perfect stay, but a complete experience of the Rainbow Nation.

If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.

John Hemingway

Africa’s most qualified guiding team

The Guides and Trackers at Royal Malewane make up the most qualified guiding team in Africa. They pride themselves on their experience and bushcraft, and are committed to gaining the highest professional qualifications. That’s your guarantee of a superlative safari experience – completely safe, immersive, educational and entertaining.

Our Guides can customise your safari experience to match your particular interests, whether you’re a passionate birder, fascinated by trees, or simply in search of the best possible wildlife images.

The Royal Malewane Guiding Team

Giving back

When you choose Royal Malewane for your next safari, you’ll be contributing to community and conservation projects under the auspices of The Royal Portfolio Foundation. These include the Tango K9 counter-poaching dog unit, and the Langutelani and Sigagule Crèches for local community children. You can also visit these projects to see the impact of your generosity, or stop by the new Conservation and Research Centre (CRC) to meet with conservationists and learn more about their pioneering projects.

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