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05 June, 2024
| Royal Malewane

Royal Malewane’s Apprenticeship Programme

Written by: The Royal Portfolio
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Kickstart your career with a winning team

Royal Malewane has long been recognised as having one of the most experienced teams of professional Guides and Trackers in the industry, and joining this prestigious team takes dedication and commitment.

The Royal Malewane Apprenticeship Programme offers the perfect platform for those seeking a career in guiding and is widely recognised as one of the best vocational training schemes in the ecotourism industry. This two-year programme combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

A key element is mentorship – the existing team of Guides and Trackers will tell you that they benefitted greatly from the knowledge of more experienced guides when they themselves were starting their own careers, and they are always keen to give back and share what they have learned.

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained” – Shawn Hitchcock

Learning from Lucas, one of our Master Trackers
Where the future experts start their journey

Left: Learning from Lucas, one of our Master Trackers; Right: Where the future experts start their journey

Crafting careers in the wilderness

As a luxury ecotourism brand, our commitment to sustainability shines through in our approach to training. Through the Apprenticeship Programme, we aim to equip participants with versatile, in-demand skills essential for thriving in the ecotourism sector. This program isn’t just about enhancing individual competencies; it’s about elevating industry standards too.

Our curriculum strikes a balance between structure and adaptability, mirroring the dynamic nature of being a professional Guide. From mastering animal tracking to adeptly engaging and hosting guests, our apprentices gain a comprehensive skill set tailored for success in this diverse role.

Transitioning from Basics to Advanced

The programme is accredited by FGASA (The Field Guides Association of South Africa), and apprentices will work towards a recognised qualification throughout the two years of the programme. Naturally, they’ll spend a great deal of time in the bushveld, and receive frequent and constructive feedback from their mentors as they continue on their journey with us.

To learn more about our professional guiding team at Royal Malewane, visit this link.

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