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The Greater Kruger Animal Protection Unit (GKAP) is one of the fastest growing counter-poaching units in the Greater Kruger region of South Africa. This highly specialised unit is made up of several remarkably capable dogs trained in counter-poaching activities, and a team of armed, special force handlers, most of whom have seen extensive military action around the world and have undergone intense counter-poaching training.

While GKAP is based in the Thornybush region, the unit is on standby 24/7 to assist in counter-poaching initiatives throughout the Greater Kruger area. This highly specialised unit can be transported by light aircraft or helicopter to remote areas through the Greater Kruger area. By pooling the resources of various private and public initiatives, counter-poaching patrols can now cover larger areas and unite against a common enemy and the detrimental effects poaching has on our wildlife and environment.

None of these initiatives would be possible without the valuable patronage of our guests, many of whom generously contribute additional funds to our efforts after coming face to face with these majestic creatures in the bush at Royal Malewane.

GKAP Wish List

  • Good condition vehicle – 4 x 4 with rails
  • GPS Dog collar tracking device & Remote  x 2
  • Dog discipline Control collar (Remote) x 2
  • Recon Binoculars (10 x 42) x 1  sets
  • Tactical Night Vision Equipment
  • One man tent x 3
  • Vehicle spotlight x 2
  • Torches x 3 (Rechargeable)
  • Handheld GPS x 2
  • Android Cell phone x 2
  • Radio spare batteries x 2
  • Solar Battery Charger
  • Trail Cameras
  • Covert Detection System

Should you wish to learn more or make a donation please contact: [email protected]