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9 October2018

by Riaan Fourie

'Photography From The Field' is a monthly collection of the best wildlife imagery taken by our Rangers and Trackers at Royal Malewane.

Spring has finally sprung and the bush just seems to come alive during the month of September. Many birds are diligently preparing their nests in anticipation of the breeding season, and little green buds are slowly appearing in the vegetation. We are eagerly awaiting our first good rains, which will transform the winter landscape into a tropical oasis overnight.

Chinspot Batis

The bush is full of little surprises this time of year. My tracker, Mumps saw this beautiful Chinspot Batis on its half-build nest one morning, and we could investigate the intricate nest from close quarters. The Batis uses spider web, lichens and bark flakes to construct this incredibly delicate, cup-shaped structure. – Ryan Jack.

Wild Dog Pups

Wild dogs are an extremely rare sight, but we are blessed with some exceptional sightings of the beautiful canids. I was as surprised as my guests, when we came around a corner one morning to find seven pups lying in the road, patiently waiting for the adults to return from a hunt. – Andre Fourie

Lazy Lionesses 

These three lionesses were sleeping on top of a large termite mound, presumably to catch a bit of the cool breeze that was blowing during the day. We sat with them for a long time, until a scent on the breeze caught their attention. It was amazing to see how quickly they could go from a deep sleep into ‘hunting mode’, and they soon disappeared into the thickets. – John Wightman

Wild Dogs

In photographic terms, the period just after sunrise and just before sunset is known as the golden hour. It’s considered the best time for wildlife photography as it makes for beautiful rich colours in one’s images. –Juan Pinto

Young leopard at the waterhole

The dry conditions force nocturnal animals to become active earlier as they have to travel further to find adequate water. It is often a good idea to check the remaining water sources just before sunset, as one can easily be rewarded with great sightings of leopard or lion. – Nicola Jooste

To find out more about the expert team of rangers and guides behind the lenses of these beautiful images, visit our Expert Rangers and Guides Page Here.


A few more beautiful images worthy of a feature:

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