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30 November2016

by Riaan Fourie

'Photography From The Field' is a monthly collection of the best wildlife imagery taken by our Rangers and Trackers at Royal Malewane.

Conditions remain tough in the bush. Water is scarce and the wildlife is battling for survival. There has been some respite, but the animals have been forced to adapt to the harsh conditions, learning to be canny and resourceful. Patiently waiting for precious rain.

Not So Gentle Giants

Hippos can be very aggressive animals, and during the dry months, the males become increasingly possessive over their waterholes. This male showed off his colossal size in an attempt to keep us from approaching his resident pond. – Ryan Jack

Elephant Scuffle

Young elephant bulls face an uncertain future when they reach their mid-teens and have to leave their matriarchal herds for a more solitary and nomadic lifestyle. Tension runs high during this time and fights often brake out among these males. – Riaan Fourie


Buffalo bulls, or Daggaboys, are cantankerous creatures that relish a good fight with lions. Here two large males draw their defensive lines, meeting an advancing pride head-on. The nickname mainly refers to the thick black clay that coats the buffalo’s skin – ‘dagga’ being another word for mud. – Nik Vounnou

Picture Perfect

This beautiful young leopard is a shy creature and not often seen. We happened upon him one morning as he nervously peered at us from behind a large tree. He afforded us just a second to get a photograph before he disappeared into the thickets. – Noelle van Muiden

Eager Elephant

Elephants will travel vast distances during the dry season in search of adequate drinking water. This female clearly had the scent of fresh water in her nostrils, as she hurriedly shuffled past our vehicle. – Rudi Hulshof

The Runners Up

A few other images that didn’t quite make the final selection…

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