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28 August2017

by Riaan Fourie

'Photography From The Field' is a monthly collection of the best wildlife imagery taken by our Rangers and Trackers at Royal Malewane.

July is known as the windy month. Animals travel vast distances across the windswept, dusty savannah in search of food and water. It is a good time for the predators though. Their prey are weakened by the harsh conditions, making them easier targets. This is a good time for the predators to have their young because of the the abundant availability of food sources.

Wild dog portrait

Wild Dogs are difficult subjects to photograph. They are always on the move, and their mottled coats make it tricky to get correct exposures. On this occasion, though, the conditions were perfect and I managed a beautiful portrait of one of the adults. – Nicola Jooste

Southern White-faced owl

These small owls are very secretive, and are heard more than they are seen. This one showed itself to us one night on our way back to the lodge, as it was intently listening to a rustle in the grasses below. – Juan Pinto

Wild dog at dusk

The resident Wild Dog pack has been very busy catering for the growing appetites of the remaining five pups. We found the alpha male late one afternoon, quenching his thirst before the pack bedded down for the night. – Andre Fourie

Cheetah kill

This female cheetah has been staying on the reserve for the past few months. She is heavily pregnant making hunting a real challenge. On this occasion she got lucky, and we found her dragging her hard-earned kill into cover. – Nik Vounnou

Zebra reflection

The few remaining watering holes tend to be very productive and animals visit them throughout the day. Zebras make for excellent photographic subjects, especially if one can get an interesting reflection, such as in this image. – Rudi Holshof


A few more beautiful images worthy of a feature:

Leave a comment below to let us know which is your favourite image for July.

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