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Royal Malewane is committed to the following ongoing sustainability initiatives:


  • We continuously support and uplift various educational facilities in nearby villages. These include the Sigagule Crèche, Langetulani Crèche and Slekhiso Primary School.
  • Royal Malewane, together with the help of its generous guests, has ensured the addition of 4 classrooms, bathroom facilities, a kitchen and dining area, boreholes and two substantial vegetable gardens at Sigagule Crèche.
  • We have been involved with raising funds and adding infrastructure to help uplift Langetulani Crèche towards being fully functional.
  • Every year we partake in the “Santa Shoe Box” project, which facilitates the giving of gifts over the Festive Season to underprivileged children in the local community.
  • We invite guests to join us as we visit either of the crèches, which are approximately a 20-minute drive from the main lodge. All transfers are complimentary.


  • Royal Malewane only employs local contractors.
  • The Farmstead land is leased from the local community. Not only will The Royal Portfolio employ and develop members of the community, but at the end of that long lease, both the land and the asset will revert to the community with the option to continue working with The Royal Portfolio in perpetuity.


  • We aim to expose children at the local crèches to the importance of eco-tourism and inspire an environmentally sustainable future. Royal Malewane provides educational day trips for pupils and teachers of the local Slekhiso Primary School.
  • We are a founding member of the Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Foundation (“GKEPF”) which is a unique anti-poaching initiative.
  • Royal Malewane teams up with The Greater Kruger Animal Protection Unit (GKAP), a highly specialised unit made up of several remarkably capable dogs trained in counter-poaching activities, and a team of armed, special force handlers.
  • We use glass bottles with metal screw cap lids and paper straws.
  • Our take away items (e.g. cups) are sourced from GreenHome who provide stock made from bamboo, a sustainable and biodegradable material.
  • We use solar energisers for our electric fences.
  • We have different coloured bins to help with recycling.


  • Royal Malewane implemented a special teacher-training program for the staff at the Sigagule Crèche (and for several other rural pre-schools in the immediate area).
  • The Royal Malewane Apprenticeship Programme takes on two apprentice rangers with aptitude and potential on a rolling two-year cycle. The aim of this 2-year apprenticeship is for a mentor, who has a minimum of ten years’ experience, to share and impart critical knowledge and an understanding of the complex nature of professional field guiding.


  • We provide continuous training for staff members through various health & safety, first aid, fire safety, inter-department, inter-company, study assistance, business coaching, and purpose & value initiatives.
  • We provide access for staff members to have an annual health check-up and contribute to every staff members’ Medical Aid.
  • Royal Malewane has provided staff with accommodation on and off the reserve in partnership with the local communities.