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Empowers Africa

Make a donation to our Fiscal Sponsor in the USA

Empowers Africa has partnered with The Royal Portfolio Foundation in order to provide a cost-effective solution to fundraising in the United States. Any donations made and specified will be granted to The Royal Portfolio Foundation. (Minus a 5% administration fee.)

Empowers Africa has been approved as a U.S. public charity, contributions to which are tax deductible for U.S. federal income tax purposes under Section 501(c)(3) [EIN: 32-0403737] of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.)

Banking Details

Credit Card Payments

For Credit Card Payments, please visit:

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer where the originating bank is located within or outside of the United States transmitting funds in U.S. Dollars directly to The Northern Trust Company:

Beneficiary Bank: The Northern Trust Company

Beneficiary Bank ABA: 071000152

Beneficiary Account Number: 3801518655

Beneficiary Account Name: Empowers Africa, Inc.

Please email Nadia Derelieva at to notify Empowers Africa about your wire transfer and specify that the Funds are to be distributed to The Royal Portfolio Foundation.