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25 November, 2022

2022 – A Classic Vintage

La Residence

The vineyards surrounding La Residence add a great deal to our unique ambience – there are few better (or more appropriate) places to enjoy a glass of wine over lunch or at the end of the day.

Great wines come from a unique and magical combination of terroir, climate, grapes and the passion and knowledge of master winemakers. We can now exclusively reveal the secret of the aromas, flavours and unique characters of La Residence Wines, and the reason our vines are flourishing…

In August 2022, we began writing a new chapter in the legendary history of the La Residence Franschhoek vineyards with the appointment of Jacques de Klerk as our consulting Viticultural Manager. Jacques is no stranger to the fertile soils and gnarled vines of the Cape Winelands, given that he is also the Director of Viticulture and Winemaking at Radford Dale Winery.

Jacques is a hands-on winemaker – he likes nothing more than the scent of wet earth after the rain, the sparkling of dew drops on vine leaves and the feel of grapes between his toes. Like all dedicated winemakers, Jacques knows that the vineyard is where the magic happens. He’ll be working closely with Eddy and the La Residence grounds team to nurture and cajole our vines into giving us the grapes we need for a bumper annual harvest, and exceptional wines.

Commencing October 2022, all the winemaking aspects of our wines will be in the very capable hands of the Radford Dale winery. Beginning with next year’s harvest, all La Residence label wines will be made in the stunning setting of Radford Dale’s Stellenbosch cellar.

Jacques embodies the spirit of Radford Dale’s refined and elegant wines. His approach involves respect for the traditions of Western Cape winemaking, plus a keen eye for innovation. Jacques places a particular emphasis on sustainability and creating wines in harmony with nature, as well as helping every team member take pride in each bottle.

Jacques and the Radford Dale team have won many awards for their wines – the 2014 vintage of their Black Rock flagship wine was recognised as the Platter’s Guide Red Wine of the Year. In addition to their cellar in the Helderberg area, Radford Dale operates a certified organic estate in Elgin known as Radford Dale Organic which specialises in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Radford Dale have taken over management of the La Residence vineyards from our previous winemaking partner, Glenwood Vineyards. Glenwood played an integral role in establishing the reputation of our wines and we have ended our partnership with them respectfully. We will continue to have a great relationship with Glenwood, and we’ll always enjoy and recommend their wines.

We’re excited for this new beginning and can’t wait to open our first bottle of La Residence wine made by Radford Dale. To learn more, contact Wayve, The Royal Portfolio’s Group Beverage Manager via

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