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11 May, 2023

Your perfect stay at Malewane Lodge is in safe hands!

Royal Malewane

Introducing Stefan Schoeman
Being General Manager (GM) of a luxury lodge is both a demanding and rewarding role. You need to be a master of all trades, and combine ‘hard’ business skills with ‘soft’ interpersonal skills to help you win the confidence of both the guests and the team members. This is all the more true when the lodge in question is Malewane Lodge, The Royal Portfolio’s flagship Royal Malewane property.

The right person for the job
In Stefan Schoeman, we’re convinced that we’ve found exactly the right person to be GM of Malewane Lodge. His combination of experience and vision make Stefan the ideal candidate for today – and to deliver on our vision for the future of luxury safari accommodation in the Greater Kruger.
Stefan has been in the industry for over 20 years, accumulating invaluable experience along the way. His staying power can be explained by his passion for connecting with guests in a very special and unique manner, in what is a very special and unique environment.

Hands-on management style
He particularly enjoys the sense of being personally involved in creating lifetime memories for guests and their families, and enabling them to experience the natural beauty of the African bushveld. Of course, that’s only half the story – it’s also vital to ensure that they can enjoy every comfort, plus personalised and professional service in a 5-star environment. Happily, these are all things that Stefan excels at.
Stefan’s first ecotourism role was back in 2002, when he began work as a Field Guide, before transitioning into lodge and hotel management roles. His two decades of experience have prepared him well for his role at Malewane Lodge. Stefan describes his approach as being to always put the guest first and to make sure that their every need is anticipated and met, with care and an eye for detail.

Sustainability at the heart
Stefan tells is that he is excited to continue the legacy of exceptional service and unforgettable safari experiences at Malewane Lodge, while also further integrating the focus on sustainability and conservation that are at the core of everything that The Royal Portfolio stands for.
As he begins his new role, Stefan readily acknowledges that guests play a vital part in the success of conservation and community projects, such as those supported by The Royal Portfolio Foundation. He’s determined that Malewane Lodge guests will be kept informed on the progress of these initiatives.

An energetic, empathetic GM
Stefan’s goals for Malewane Lodge include further strengthening the bond between managers and team members by encouraging constructive input from every member of the Malewane Lodge family. He believes that ensuring the team takes ownership of the guest experience is key to delivering a complete experience and the perfect stay.
In his (limited!) free time, Stefan enjoys running, playing golf, watching sports, and reading books. He is also a food and wine enthusiast and loves to discover new restaurants and wines.

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