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17 May, 2023

It takes someone as special as Edward Morton to be our Ambassador…

The Royal Portfolio

Meet Edward Morton...

At The Royal Portfolio, we’re committed to creating the perfect stay for each of our guests. A big part of this is having passionate, committed team members who live for delivering the complete experience, time after time.
A great example of the kind of person that makes The Royal Portfolio stand out is Edward Morton, our Ambassador. Edward is someone who isn’t just a character – he has character. He has been with us since 2003, and like many of the best features of The Royal Portfolio, Edward was discovered by founder Liz Biden.

Liz Biden’s greatest find

When Liz found Edward, he was using his knowledge and experiencing to help a luxury safari lodge set up their Spa. His personality and skills immediately endeared Edward to Liz, and she hired him on the spot. Edward’s first role within The Royal Portfolio was as the inhouse Spa consultant and front of house team leader at Royal Malewane.
Under Liz’s guidance, Edward has flourished, with notable roles including being the opening General Manager at La Residence. His range of experiences includes stints at every property in The Royal Portfolio, and he is known for his willingness to step in and assist wherever he may be needed.
Liz has been a mentor to many of our stars, and Edward freely acknowledges that she has been the greatest single influence on his approach to hospitality and design. He mentions shopping with Liz as one of his favourite memories. And when we say shopping, we’re not talking about the kind of shopping most of us do!

Left: Edward is pictured with Liz, shopping in Istanbul.

Culture is everything

Liz brings a sense of joy and discovery to every retail journey as she seeks out furniture, fabrics and décor items for the different properties in The Royal Portfolio. The time he has spent with Liz, plus his two decades of experience, mean that Edward has gained some unique insights into the culture of The Royal Portfolio.
It is this culture which Edward credits with having helped the company win multiple prestigious international awards. He has also made his own contributions to helping The Royal Portfolio to become a brand apart.
The most famous example is ‘Edward’s lightbulb theory’ – a call to action for all his fellow team members to pay attention to detail, as a missing light bulb is something that guests will notice, and which will reflect poorly on everyone in the team.
Edward ensures that this culture runs through everything he does, as he believes that there can be no true hospitality without culture. In his new role as Ambassador, he spends most of his time in the different properties, hosting high profile or repeat guests, and our travel partners. Edward jokingly describes this as the perfect role for a bachelor like himself who cannot cook, as it means he is always close to a world-class kitchen.

If you want to get ahead…

Especially in the bushveld, Edward is easy to spot thanks to his elegant Stetson-style hat – a leaving gift from his colleagues at La Residence. He now wears this hat with great pride every time he goes on safari at Royal Malewane.

Edward will tell you that the luckiest day of his life was when he met Liz and Phil Biden for the first time. He’s immensely proud of his role as a representative of The Royal Portfolio, and describes how he has been treated as a family member by the Bidens for more than two decades.
That’s the same feeling that we want every one of our guests to have, and with Edward as our Ambassador, we’re confident that we can achieve this.

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