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14 April, 2023

The ultimate African adventure – every morning and afternoon at Royal Malewane

Royal Malewane

See the African bushveld through our eyes

A game drive at Royal Malewane is an adventure you’ll be talking about for months afterwards, and one that you’ll never forget. We are privileged to have South Africa’s most highly qualified team of Guides and Trackers here at Royal Malewane, which means that you’re in knowledgeable, passionate and safe hands.

All our game drives are conducted in custom-built 4×4 vehicles. Decades of safari experience have gone into creating vehicles that offer exceptional comfort on every kind of terrain, and provide the space you need for all your camera equipment and field guides. Naturally, we make sure we always pack supplies for a morning coffee break, or a late afternoon sundowner stop.

A special connection

On each game drive, you’ll be accompanied by a Guide and a Tracker. Your Guide will do the driving, and explain the wildlife behaviour you see. Your Tracker, who perches on a seat at the front of the vehicle’s hood, has hawk-eyes on the ground to pick up on subtle tracks and signs left by animals, and will help direct your Guide in search of wildlife. This seat may look precarious, but it gives the Tracker the best chance to spot what they are looking for. Because they’re sitting higher up, they’ll also often see wildlife a few moments before you do.

Our Guides and Trackers form bonds that last for years, and tend to always work in the same pairs. The intuitive understanding between them often borders on the uncanny and they are able to communicate wordlessly through practiced gestures and expressions. Watching them in action is an experience in itself.

The safari day

Game drives form the focus of each day, and you’ll typically be out for 3 – 4 hours each morning and again in the afternoon (although this can vary depending on what you see). Your Guide will take the time to discover your particular interests and then tailor each drive to focus on mammals, birds or even trees and flowers, if that’s where your passion lies.

Of course, the rhythms of nature change with the seasons, and this also means that no two game drives are ever the same. In winter (the dry season in southern Africa), the vegetation tends to die back, so visibility improves. During summer, the rains lead to a sudden explosion of foliage – this is when the bushveld is at its most beautiful, and baby animals and migrant species abound.

Sharing the experience

Our vehicles are designed so that each guest gets a ‘window seat’ with an unobstructed view of the wildlife action. There’s plenty of space to maneuver your camera gear and a pocket on the back of the seat in front of you, where you can keep your warm clothes, water bottle, binoculars, and other gear safe and accessible. You can stick to your seat, or swap seats on different game drives to change your view and positioning in the vehicle.

Our focus is on a private and personalised safari experience for all our guests, so we’ll always prioritise your preferences as though you’re the only guest in the lodge. Out on game drive, we have the freedom to roam the reserve on our own route, crossing paths with other guests at sightings of sought-after animals, like leopard and lion.

Whether you’ve been on a game drive before or not, we can promise you that every adventure at Royal Malewane will be truly magical. To learn more about game drives at Royal Malewane visit:

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