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14 March, 2024
| La Residence

Discovering the wonders of the Franschhoek Valley from La Residence

Written by: The Royal Portfolio
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You don’t have to go far…

To have an outdoor adventure at La Residence… Our estate is in many ways the Franschhoek Valley in microcosm, as you’ll soon discover when you stroll across lush green lawns, enjoy a picnic by the pond, pick fresh plums in the orchard or follow your nose to our organic herb gardens. This is a lovely, secluded spot, but you won’t be alone – the resident miniature horses, springboks and peacocks all contribute colour and sound to the sensory symphony being played all around you. At La Residence, outdoor adventures are quite literally on your doorstep.

Get active

If you’re feeling the urge to move your body, there are some great options just a stone’s throw away. La Residence sits at the centre of an inviting web of running, hiking and cycling routes. These might lead to a nearby village, wine estate or farm store, or you can elevate your experience by heading up into the mountains (entirely at your own pace) for breath-taking views over La Residence, the surrounding vineyards and across a remarkable vista of rugged peaks.

Don’t worry if you work up an appetite on the trails, when you return to the valley, you’ll be spoiled for choice at the local restaurants.

Plum picking at La Residence
Hiking near La Residence

Left: Plum picking at La Residence, right: hiking near La Residence

An electrifying experience

Our e-bike partner keeps their fleet fully charged for any time that you want to explore the area – without having to pedal too hard. E-bikes let you ride as usual, but give you an extra boost when you need it, such as on slopes or when going over uneven terrain. Silent and sustainable, they are the ideal way to explore the tranquil Franschhoek Valley. You’ll be able to hear every note of every bird song, and this unobtrusive transport option lets you work as much – or as little – as you wish.

Up your game

The renowned Pearl Valley Estate is the stand-out golf course in the Western Cape, and it’s just 20 minutes’ drive from La Residence. The course was designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, so you can expect a beautiful, challenging round that makes wonderful use of the lie of the land, and which will inspire you to play the round of your life. Pearl Valley Estate is exceptional in every way – prepare to fall in love with golf all over again.

Take our e-bikes for a spin
Pearl Valley Estate

Left: Take our e-bikes for a spin, right: Pearl Valley Estate

Elevate your experience

From a helicopter, you can enjoy even more spectacular views of La Residence and its serene surroundings. Our Concierge Team can assist with booking a scenic flight that can include wine-tasting stops at some of our favourite wine estates. A helicopter wine tour lets you gain insights into the terroir, and understand how the winemakers manage the interaction of land, weather and soil to create remarkable wines – wines that you can then enjoy.

Tasting these wines in the place where they are made adds layers of nuance and meaning to the experience – there is no more authentic way to taste the wines of the Franschhoek Valley.

Helicopter wine tours
Wine tasting at La Residence

Left: Helicopter wine tours, right: wine tasting at La Residence

During your time at La Residence, we’ll be happy to inspire you with more nearby outdoor adventures, and we’ll be waiting to hear about them when you return.

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