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20 November, 2023
| The Royal Portfolio

A year of giving back

Written by: The Royal Portfolio Foundation
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2023 has been a remarkable year for our community and conservation projects. There are too many to mention them all here, but we wanted to share some of our highlights and favourite moments with you.

January – Cape Leopard Trust

Preventing human/wildlife conflict is vital if rare species are to be protected – especially when their natural habitats overlap with human settlements. The Cape Leopard Trust operates in the mountains around Hermanus and Franschhoek and uses a combination of environmental education and remote camera monitoring to safeguard and study these elusive cats.

Caught on camera.
Unique spot patterns mean we can ID each leopard.

Keeping an eye on leopards helps keep them safe.

February – Computer Literacy

Computers are part of almost every job, and computer literacy is an important skill. By providing IT training for teachers, we’re helping them access information to make lessons more rewarding and engaging, and giving them skills that they can pass onto today’s learners – and tomorrow’s jobseekers.

More screentime can be a good thing.
Making computers second nature.

Helping people download employable and transferable IT skills.

March – Penguin Conservation

African penguins could be extinct in the wild as soon as 2035. Fortunately, they have steadfast allies in the shape of SANCCOB, BirdLife and Dyer Island Conservation Trust. We partner with these non-profits to protect vital seabird habitats, and care for and ultimately reintroduce sick and injured penguins so that they can contribute to the survival of their species.

Endearing but endangered.
Penguins are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Life isn’t always a beach for African penguins – they need our help.

April – Atlantic Hope

Abandoned babies need all the help they can get – and that’s what they’re provided with at Atlantic Hope, a safe place for babies where they are cared for and nurtured until they can be placed in their forever homes.

Big hearts for tiny hands.
We’re all about that bassinet.

A loving start for babies in need of a home.

May – Community Water Access

Clean drinking water is one of Africa’s most precious resources. For many people, it’s simply not readily available, which means they are at risk from waterborne diseases and other health challenges. This is why we’re enabling access to clean water in local communities, so that people no longer have to walk long distances to find safe water.

June- The K9 Unit

Ammo and Lunar are the latest additions to our K-9 Unit which combines cutting-edge technology with the dogs’ natural abilities to create an awesome crimefighting team. These adorable puppies love to play, but they’ll also be helping with the serious work of tracking and apprehending poachers in the Greater Kruger as part of our commitment to protecting wildlife and ecosystems.

A lifelong bond forged during training.
Unlimited loyalty and dedication.

Doggedly determined to defeat wildlife poachers.

July – Winter Warmers

The South African winter can be bitterly cold for people who lack adequate shelter and warm clothing. We work with local community groups to identify the people most in need, and to provide them with warm blankets and mattresses to make the chilly weather much more bearable.

Warm coats and thick blankets.
Beating the winter chill.

The warmth of human kindness makes winter less frigid.

August – Leliebloem Maintenance

Leliebloem House provides a place of safety for 60 children and youths with nowhere else to go. We’ve sponsored and managed roof and window maintenance to keep the winter rain out, and made sure not to forget the little things that bring such joy, like giving each child a yearly birthday present.

September – Ground Hornbill Conservation

One of the challenges facing southern ground hornbills is a lack of suitable nesting sites (they tend to prefer holes in large trees). By working closely with researchers and installing specially designed artificial nests, we’re providing breeding sites for the next generation of these big, black booming birds, and helping their population to grow.

Artificial nests are a real bonus.
It takes a nest to raise a brood.

Nothing but the best when it comes to finding a nest.

October – Friends of Child Protection

Child abuse is sadly a real issue, and it takes immense courage for survivors to speak out against the adults who have shattered their trust. Friends of Child Protection creates care packs with everything children need to help them through the traumatic experience of reporting abuse at a hospital or police station. Our volunteers help with the packing process, and your donation helps provide the toys, toiletries and other items they contain.  

Packed with love.
Something to have and hold.

Supporting courageous kids when they report being abused.

November – CRC Monthly Talks

The Royal Malewane Conservation and Research Centre (CRC) opened during 2023, and has already become a vital hub for researchers and conservationists to share ideas. The Royal Portfolio Foundation sponsors multiple research and community projects based at the CRC, and the centre also serves as a welcoming venue for guests and school groups looking to learn more about ongoing conservation projects.

Hear directly from researchers.
The front line of conservation.

A hub for education, conservation and inspiration.

December – Masibulele Crèche

The young children at Masibulele Creche are growing through educational opportunities – but it’s impossible to learn when you’re hungry. That’s why we’ve been supporting food security initiatives that ensure these children receive the nutrition they need to enjoy lively, energetic childhoods, with staple foods supplemented by natural fresh goodness from their own vegetable garden installed and maintained by the Foundation.

Making learning fun.
Somewhere safe while parents are working.

Making learning fun in a safe environment.

“We are because of you. While we may not be able to see the future, we can most certainly build it. Your continued support as guests and contributors to The Royal Portfolio Foundation allows us to make a lasting impact to conservation and provide life changing resources to those that need it the most. We are profoundly grateful. Together, we are making the difference.”

Ali McAdam (Née Biden),
The Royal Portfolio Foundation

To join our giving journey and help us to continue these impactful initiatives, please click on the link below and give what you can:

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