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7 April2020

by Greg Cooke

Meticulously curated by the owner of The Royal Portfolio and avid art enthusiast Liz Biden, The Silo Hotel houses some of Africa’s finest contemporary art.

Through these challenging times there is comfort to be found in the immense talent of Africa’s young creatives. More than ever, their livelihoods are under threat as the global economy comes to terms with with the effects of Covid-19.

While we don’t have guests at The Silo Hotel, we thought we would take the opportunity to showcase some of that incredible art and draw attention to some of our favourite local artists.

Cape Town is one of Africa’s cultural capitals. Creative influences from across the continent converge here at Africa’s southern tip. The ‘Mother City’, as it is affectionately known, offers a spectacular natural canvas on which to showcase African art to the world.

The emergence of Zeitz MOCAA and the Norval Foundation alongside established private art galleries in Cape Town, represents a coming of age of Africa’s thriving art scene, while the Investec Cape Town Art Fair (ICTAF) is the highlight of Cape Town’s art and design calendar along with the Design Indaba. The Silo Hotel and the ICTAF were recently featured in Architectural Digest’s Top 5 Destinations for Art and Design Lovers.

Widely recognised as one of the best art hotels in the world (by the likes of Forbes and The Telegraph), The Silo Hotel houses a remarkable collection. Vibrant colours shine through as the contemporary artwork and eclectic design of Liz Biden contrast Heatherwick Studio’s stark industrial architecture.

In keeping with the collections at each of The Royal Portfolio’s properties, the art reflects the unique character and mood of The Silo Hotel. Situated above Zeitz MOCAA, all of the art found within The Silo is contemporary African art – defined by Zeitz MOCAA as art created from the year 2000 onwards. By definition therefore many of the artists are young, African artists. Many of them live in Cape Town and are keen to engage with guests at the hotel.

Watch ‘Art at The Silo Hotel’ below:

Art at The Silo is an evolving story. Highlighting both young, aspiring artists, as well as established, highly acclaimed artists such as Cyrus Kabiru, Mahau Modisakeng, Nandipha Mntambo and Athi-Patra Ruga, art has been specifically chosen to complement the unique interiors of each of the 28 rooms, offering individualised experiences for guests and many a reason to return. To learn more about the remarkable young African artists whose pieces are displayed at The Silo Hotel, watch our Artist Spotlight videos below.

Liz Biden constantly introduces new works and artists to the hotel’s collection and keeps the team on its toes by moving pieces around. Irene Boaventura is The Silo Hotel’s Art Concierge – Irene is from Angola – she is passionate about art, having completed an internship at South Africa’s foremost art association, The AVA Gallery,

To allow guests the opportunity to learn about the art and respective artists, The Silo Hotel offers private art tours to resident guests. These tours might include a visit to the artist’s Cape Town home or studio affording precious insights into the lives, inspiration and stories behind much of the art at the hotel.

"I curate bespoke tours that allow our guests to better understand, value and appreciate the art of Cape Town."

The Silo Hotel houses over 300 works of art. Liz Biden, together with Matt Biden, Managing Director of The Royal Portfolio, work with various local galleries to ensure the hotel houses a diverse spectrum of talent. By doing so, African artists are exposed to discerning guests from across the globe, many of whom have subsequently purchased local art themselves.

The expert concierge team at The Silo Hotel ensure that the works are carefully packaged and transported to the guests’ homes, wherever they are in the world.

The Vault is The Silo Hotel’s small and exclusive art gallery located in the private parking entrance on basement level P3, the purpose of which is to link the works in the hotel and the not-for-profit museum with local art galleries, showcasing Africa’s most talented, emerging and eminent rising stars.

The Vault’s featured artists rotate bi-annually, and The Silo Hotel has committed to purchasing one piece from each exhibition.

True to The Royal Portfolio’s Purpose & Values, The Silo Hotel also supports The Lalela Project. Initiated in 2001 with just a handful of township students from Hangberg and Imizano Yethu in Hout Bay, Cape Town, the Lalela Project provides education through the arts to hundreds of children from age 6 right up until their departure from high school.

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