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3 October2016

by Riaan Fourie

'Photography From The Field' is a monthly collection of the best wildlife imagery captured by our Rangers and Trackers at Royal Malewane.

On most private safaris in Southern Africa, guests are guided on specialised Land Rovers by a ranger who drives the vehicle and by a tracker who sits on an especially precarious seat at the front of the bonnet. The tracker’s job is to find elusive wildlife. To notice and interpret nature’s subtle clues through acutely honed senses while the ranger engages with the guests and ensures safe passage.

The guiding team at Royal Malewane is obsessed with photography, honing their skills each day in the wild, swapping technical tips and discussing the latest lenses and apertures. Many of our guests too are fascinated by wildlife photography and each photographic safari will be tailored to the guests interests and skill levels. Photography allows us to capture a rare and thrilling moment in time, not only for ourselves – but to share with our friends and families. Wildlife photography is one of the most compelling and addictive activities around. It requires a healthy blend of eye, skill, patience, and luck in order to capture the more finessed frames of mother nature.

Each month we will share the best images from Royal Malewane with you. These are the pick of the bunch from September. Which is your favourite?

Youthful Enthusiasm

Young elephants are always very animated, and they will often charge at other species in the hope of intimidating them. On this occasion, our game viewer was the object of his attention. – Riaan Fourie

Coming Of Age

This young male leopard is on the brink of adulthood and is often seen around the camp. We found him one morning as he was feeding on a bushbuck kill high in the branches of a Weeping Boer-Bean tree. – Ryan Jack

The Predator

This large male lion still rules over the entire Thornybush Private Game Reserve despite pressure from a coalition of much younger males on the territory. As he gets older, it will become increasingly difficult for him to keep the challengers at bay, and he will eventually have to relinquish his hard-earned territory. – Piet Marimane

The Prey 

The recent drought has caused many species to congregate around the few remaining watering holes, making them easier for the predators to find. This image of a Burchell’s Zebra was captured in lovely afternoon light. – Nik Vounnou


We found this young male leopard late one afternoon just as he was waking from his daytime slumber in a dry riverbed. The late afternoon sun highlighted him perfectly against the dark backdrop of the riverine bush, creating this ‘moody’ image – Juan Pinto

The Runners Up

A few other images from September that didn’t quite make the final selection…

Leave a comment below to let us know which is your favourite image for September.

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Ted Kahn
Ted Kahn
5 years ago

Loved the maternal lioness.

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