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6 November2017

by Riaan Fourie

'Photography From The Field' is a monthly collection of the best wildlife imagery taken by our Rangers and Trackers at Royal Malewane.

Spring is slowly turning into summer, and the mercury continues to rise. The bush is now covered in a bright green veil, and many animals opt to have their young during this time of plenty. It is truly a magical time to experience the African bush.

Cheetah Mother and Cubs

The total population of cheetah in South Africa is estimated at around 1500 individuals. It was thus big news for our reserve when this female decided to move onto Thornybush to raise her new litter of cubs. We allowed the female a lot of privacy whilst the cubs were confined to the den, and had to be patient until they were big enough to join mom on kills. Our patience was duly rewarded, and we now get exceptional photographic opportunities of this beautiful, and highly endangered cat. – Nik Vounnou

Giraffe and Calf

It is always special to see new life in the bush. We came across this mother giraffe and her small calf recently. I thought this photo captured the gentle nature of giraffes well. – Rudi Holshof

Lions meet and greet

The light was perfect on this morning’s drive when we tracked down the Giraffe Male in the south of the reserve. He was following the spoor of the pride, and finally found them resting close to the road. The matriarch playfully greeted him in true lion fashion, affording some great photos, showing the affectionate side of Africa’s most dominant predator. – Darrel Camden-Smith

Oxpecker and Buffalo

Red-billed Oxpeckers are lively birds that make wonderful photographic subjects. In this case, the bird provided a splash of colour against the dark background of a buffalo herd. – Juan Pinto

The King of the South

Lions can be challenging subjects to photograph. They sleep for most of the day, and males especially are known for being very ‘lazy’. When they are active though, photos come to life, and few animals have the presence of a dominant male on patrol. . – Ryan Jack


A few more beautiful images worthy of a feature:

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