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Many South Africans live in poverty, and since the onset of the national lockdown, the need for food assistance has dramatically increased. The Royal Portfolio Foundation is actively supporting and running numerous feeding schemes which aim to provide temporary relief to the most vulnerable children and their families in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The feeding schemes which The Royal Portfolio Foundation supports focus on the well-being and development of vulnerable children, their care-givers and their families. Children need a nutrient-rich diet to support healthy brain development from a young age. Shortages of various nutrients can impair cognitive and motor development, and these effects are often irreversible. The national lockdown has brought increased financial pressure to primary caregivers and parents who are now facing extreme financial difficulty and less support from the National School Nutrition Programme as their children are unable to attend school and receive vital meals.

Many of our feeding schemes also support children and vulnerable communities within our existing projects. The Royal Portfolio Foundation and volunteer staff at Royal Malewane and Birkenhead House have set up feeding schemes which operate from the hotels. La Residence and The Silo Hotel have partnered with meaningful feeding schemes in their surrounding areas.

The Silo Hotel

Atlantic Hope

Atlantic Hope is a safe house for vulnerable babies, providing temporary and immediate placement within a safe and loving environment. The Royal Portfolio Foundation together with the contributions from our TRP guests have secured formula to feed all the babies at Atlantic Hope for the remainder of the year, as well as committing to provide safe, private daily transport to the in-house carers when needed.

Leliebloem House

Leliebloem House is a non-profit Child & Youth Care Centre which serves as a home-away-from-home for children who have been removed from troubled families by the state. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, their food bills have dramatically increased as the children are no longer being fed at school as well as some funding avenues having ceased due to the economic crisis. The Royal Portfolio Foundation has committed to subsidize feeding all 68 children and the caregivers who live at Leliebloem House.

Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love is an extensive community project dedicated to feeding those in need in the Cape Town area through their Soup Kitchens and Food & Sandwich Drives. The Royal Portfolio Foundation and volunteer staff at The Silo Hotel assist Ladles of Love on a volunteer basis and by providing food donations.

La Residence


The Royal Portfolio Foundation has partnered with the Isabelo, ‘Feeding Hungry Minds’ initiative started by chef Margot Janse. By offering our support and donating weekly funds, Isabelo with the assistance of the Royal Portfolio Foundation and other donors, are able to provide vulnerable families throughout the Franschhoek area with nutritious meals. As of 5 May 2020, Isabelo has had an output of 12,000 meals per week and counting.

Wes-Eind Primary School

Wes-Eind is a local Primary School just a short drive from La Residence who focus on education and the well-being of its 570 learners. The Royal Portfolio Foundation and the staff at La Residence have been supporting Wes-Eind for many years. In partnership with J&R Tours, The Royal Portfolio Foundation has committed to donating funds as well as food contributions to the Wes-Eind feeding scheme which currently supports 1200 children and their parents. Meals are prepared at Wes-Eind and delivered by J&R Tours to the most vulnerable children and their families in the Franschhoek valley.

Royal Malewane

Sigagule Crèche

Since 2009 it has been our mission to create meaningful change in the lives of the children of the Sigagule Crèche, which is situated in the nearby village of Sigagule about 10kms from Royal Malewane. During the Covid-19 pandemic, The Royal Portfolio Foundation and volunteer staff have set up a feeding scheme based at Royal Malewane. Our feeding scheme aims to ultimately assist all 125 children enrolled at the creche and their families by providing them with essential food parcels.

Birkenhead House

Masibulele Crèche

Masibulele Creche is situated in the Zwelihle area, a 15 Minute drive from Birkenhead House. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Royal Portfolio Foundation and staff at Birkenhead House have set up their own feeding scheme which supports the most vulnerable children at Masibulele Creche and their families. The chefs and volunteer staff prepare meals and pack food parcels at Birkenhead House which are then distributed in the community once a week.

The Royal Portfolio Bonds

The Royal Portfolio Bonds allow us to continue funding The Royal Portfolio Foundation through this difficult time. For every R10,000 Bond purchased, The Royal Portfolio will contribute R2,500 to The Royal Portfolio Foundation as well as contributing an additional R2,500 to the value of your Bond to be redeemed against your next stay.

You can help us feed the children in need by making a donation. To make a donation, please contact:


A Message From Liz Biden

Our thoughts are with those around the world battling the direct and indirect effects of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Even though our hotels remain closed, The Royal Portfolio Foundation remains committed to supporting numerous conservation and community projects through this difficult time including our counter-poaching initiatives at Royal Malewane and various Covid-19 Relief Feeding Schemes which need our help now more than ever.

We invite you to take the first step in planning your next trip by purchasing A Royal Portfolio Bond. You will receive an additional 25% in value and we will contribute ZAR2,500 to the Foundation on your behalf.

We encourage those with existing bookings to postpone rather than cancel their trips where possible. Our Reservations Team is available to assist with enquiries Mon – Fri | 8am to 5pm (GMT +2).

Thank you to our guests, staff, suppliers and business partners for your understanding and incredible support as we work together to get through this.

Please visit the South African government's dedicated Covid-19 portal for the latest South African information.

We look forward to a time when we are all able to travel safely and responsibly once again and hope that you will remain inspired by the amazing natural beauty and wildlife of Africa during this difficult time.