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12 November2018

by Greg Cooke

Giving back is an intrinsic part of doing business in Africa. The Royal Portfolio Foundation supports communities and conservation through numerous location specific initiatives.

The Royal Portfolio is passionate about investing in Africa. Our Purpose & Values dictate that we uplift local communities, promote conservation and protect the environment. It is therefore with tremendous pride that we established The Royal Portfolio Foundation.

The Foundation facilitates investment in numerous community and conservation projects across Southern Africa and aims to engage our wonderful guests from around the world in these initiatives.

Established by the Biden Family and headed by Ali McAdam (Liz and Phil’s second daughter), The Royal Portfolio Foundation is founded on three pillars – Community, Conservation, and Environment.

According to Ali, “Doing good has always been a big part of our business in South Africa. My parents have instilled a compassionate ethos in The Royal Portfolio – they have always believed in looking after our people and the communities that we belong to. As we approach our twentieth year in business we realised that it was time to formalise our philanthropic and conservation endeavours in order to increase our capacity for positive change in Africa. By increasing our guests’ exposure to and involvement in these projects we hope to be able to achieve even more.”


Tourism to South Africa accounts for just over 9% of GDP. At The Royal Portfolio alone, we employ in excess of 530 staff who in turn support a further 2,500 people. This illustrates the exponential direct and indirect impact of tourism to local communities in Africa. There is still enormous potential for growth in tourism to Africa.

Looking after our people is extremely important to The Royal Portfolio. We do this in many ways through initiatives focused on education and skill development but which also encompass healthcare, economic empowerment and general staff wellbeing.


Our primary tourist attractions and resources in Africa are wildlife and natural beauty. We do not have the historical and architectural attractions of Europe and so it is imperative that we protect our natural resources to ensure the long term future of the travel industry in Africa.

The Royal Portfolio is involved in numerous conservation projects including the launch this year of the Greater Kruger Animal Protection Unit.


Environmental sustainability means making sure resources can be preserved for use by future generations of both locals and tourists. It means being aware of the impact that visitors can have on a destination and finding ways to make that impact as positive as possible. Natural resources should always be used sparingly and only when needed. At The Royal Portfolio hotels we embrace the philosophy of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.’


For more information on The Royal Portfolio Foundation and to find out how you can get involved, please visit our website.

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