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11 July2017

by Riaan Fourie

'Photography From The Field' is a monthly collection of the best wildlife imagery taken by our Rangers and Trackers at Royal Malewane.

It is officially winter in the Low-veld, and the daylight hours (although sunny) have grown increasingly short. Game viewing is excellent as large herbivores travel vast distances to acquire enough grass and foliage. The abundance of food, left by good summer rains, have attracted large numbers of elephant, buffalo, wildebeest and zebra to the reserve, and we are experiencing greater elephant concentrations than ever before.

Baby Elephant

We’ve been seeing this baby elephant around the lodge for about a month now. The adults have grown more comfortable with the vehicles around the little one, making for some great photography. – Juan Pinto

The Contemplative Cheetah

Cheetahs are daytime predators, and do most of their hunting in the early mornings or late afternoons. The alarm calls from a group of monkeys alerted us to this female’s presence, and we found her late one morning, just as she was finishing of a Nyala-kill. – Riaan Fourie

Lethargic Lion

The ‘Giraffe male’ lion has set up a territory in the southern parts of the reserve, and has been incredibly busy mating with the females from our southern pride. We found him one morning near Royal Malewane, as he was taking a break in the shade of some shrubbery. – Ryan Jack

The Musing Leopard

The ‘Twinspot Female’ leopard controls a territory in the northern reaches of Thornybush. We do not see her very often, so it was a real treat to spend a morning with this beautiful cat. In this image, she is contemplating scaling a large Marula tree for her mid-day nap. – Noelle van Muiden

An Inquisitive Wild Dog Pup

Our resident wild dog pack has finally decided to den on the reserve. I decided to take the trek up north to the den on one morning drive, and we were rewarded with a great sighting of the new pups, as they were playing in the morning sun. – Rudi Holshof


A few more beautiful images worthy of a feature:

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