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28 September, 2023

A life in art

The Silo Hotel

Meet Michael

Exploring the art and design scene in a new city is one of the greatest pleasures of travel, but you can make the experience even more rewarding by doing so in the company of an expert local guide who shares your passion for discovery and who can provide in-depth insights into local trends.

In Cape Town, the only name you need to know is Michael Jacobs. As Art Concierge at The Silo Hotel, Michael is uniquely well-placed to introduce our guests to the artists and designers who are making Cape Town an essential and inspiring destination.

When your hotel is also a gallery

The Silo Hotel features a superb collection of contemporary African art which reflects the eclectic taste and keen eye of the founder of The Royal Portfolio, Liz Biden. Michael regularly conducts private tours of the hotel’s collection, bringing to life the story behind each piece and adding extra layers of nuance and meaning to the artists’ voices.

These art tours can be extended to include the superb repository of African art that is Zeitz MOCAA, located beneath The Silo Hotel. Michael has history here – he was a member of the founding team at the museum and was largely responsible for shaping the tours and retail experiences that still happen there today.

High-end retail is another of Michael’s passions, and he has previously curated some of Cape Town’s most essential boutiques. This gave him a platform from which to introduce up-and-coming Cape Town designers to a global audience, and it is this ability to connect people through art and design that has been a hallmark of Michael’s career to date. It also makes him the ultimate art retail adviser.

African stories, African voices

Michael is above all a storyteller, or as he would describe himself, an interpreter. He excels at illuminating the stories behind paintings, sculptures and installations, and is committed to realising a world in which African voices (like his own) share these stories.
His complete commitment to this level of authenticity mean that Michael is a well-respected figure in the local arts scene, and allows him unprecedented access to artists (both established and eminent) and their studios and workspaces.

As a guest at The Silo Hotel, you can meet the creative minds behind the artworks that have resonated most with you – and have opportunities to purchase pieces at source, from the artists themselves.

To book a tour with Michael, contact our concierge team:


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